SEARCH Administrative Unit


Michelle Bell (Yale)

Ben Hobbs (JHU), Kirsten Koehler (JHU), Roger Peng (JHU)


SEARCH (Solutions for Energy, AiR, Climate, and Health) brings together a broad interdisciplinary team with expertise in atmospheric scientists, meteorology, environmental engineering, pollution measurement, epidemiology, law and policy, biostatistics, climate change, air quality modeling, and exposure science. Our team bridges several organizations, including our two key institutions, Yale and Johns Hopkins Universities, and involves participation from six additional organizations (North Carolina State University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Northeastern University, and Pacific Northwest National Lab). The broad array of disciplines and work across multiple institutions requires extensive administrative support to ensure the SEARCH’s success. The Administrative Unit’s objectives are to:

  1. Provide overall administrative, organizational, and managerial support to the Center
  2. Serve as the central point for interaction among Center institutions, projects, and units; other ACE Centers; policy makers and other interested parties; and the U.S. EPA
  3. Through the Executive Committee, track and evaluate progress on the Center’s research agenda and redirect research as needed as scientific evidence becomes available
  4. Coordinate and track all activities of the Quality Management Plan and Data Plan
  5. Establish and implement a dissemination plan for SEARCH’s research findings and other activities to ensure findings reach the scientific community as well as decision makers and the general public
  6. Develop and maintain the SEARCH websites with research results and Center activities
  7. Identify members of a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and convene an annual meeting with the SAC; Facilitate coordination between SEARCH and the SAC
  8. Organize SEARCH’s hosting of workshops and meetings
  9. Organize and facilitate collaborative and comparative studies with other ACE Centers in Years 2-5